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Terms of Service Acceptance

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Who may make use of our services (User)

The Wrtik Website and its users, who access the Wrtik website and/or use the products and services made available through the Wrtik, are governed by our TOS (Wrtik Products and Services).

Our Terms of Service (ToS) are an understanding on the usage of Wrtik Products and Services between you—either an individual or an entity (You or User) or a group of individuals or entities (You or Users)—and Wrtik, the company that created them.

You certify that you have carefully read, understood, and accepted our ToS by accessing or using Wrtik Products and Services, and you agree to abide by the ToS as a User/Users.

Materials related to our Services

Subject to the terms and restrictions outlined in this agreement, Wrtik produces and makes accessible all other features and goods and services supplied through the Wrtik App (Content or Materials) for your use for free and personal use.

As a User/Users of our Content and Materials, you agree to abide by the ToS by accessing and using the Wrtik App. You also agree to be bound by and accept our ToS and any terms and conditions included and/or referenced herein.

User Responsibilities

You acknowledge and agree that you may only use the Wrtik App, Wrtik Products, and Wrtik Services in accordance with our Terms of Service and all applicable laws, rules, and customs in the relevant jurisdictions.


In particular, you affirm and agree that you will not use the Wrtik App, Wrtik Products, or Wrtik Services in a way that violates the laws, rules, or ordinances of either (1) the nation, state, or locality in which you currently reside, or (2) the nation, state, or locality in which Wrtik is headquartered or conducts business.

Intellectual Property


Wrtik abides with trademark laws and regulations and respects users' rights to their trademarks.

Wrtik is the creator of our trademark WrtikTM, which should only be used for and in connection with our Wrtik Products and Services and Wrtik App.

It should be understood as a single, cohesive sentence that only refers to Wrtik.

Please adhere to our policy while using, referencing, or referring to our Services, Wrtik App, Wrtik Content, and Materials.

  • Use this format exactly. Without any spaces, divisions, or separations between its parts, or in any other variations, the term WrtikTM.
  • Never use our trademark WrtikTM in conjunction with, or be confused with, any other person(s), entity(ies), application(s), website(s), goods, or services of other person(s), entity(ies), or application(s) that are not owned by Wrtik.
  • We retain our rights to our trademark WrtikTM and all rights thereto against any unauthorized use, false representation, or infringement of any kind.
  • We appreciate you informing us of any suspected abuse, misrepresentation, infringement, or non-compliance so that we can handle it appropriately.


Copyright laws and regulations are respected and followed by Wrtik.

  • The material that users utilize with (or paste on) the Wrtik app is their own responsibility.
  • When users paste content or information on the Wrtik app or website, Wrtik supports users in downloading such content or information for their own lawful purposes.
  • We only show user-generated "original" content that has been uploaded on service or social network providers' websites, pages, or networks.
  • Users are in charge of making sure they are legally able to upload the content and that they have the right to do so under the applicable laws.
  • Users can only utilize the free, personal, non-commercial Wrtik App videos they have downloaded.
  • Wrtik will prevent Users from accessing and using the Wrtik App, Wrtik Products, and Wrtik Services if it finds any violations. Wrtik cannot and is not required to verify whether each piece of content or information is lawful or not.
  • Users' content is not backed up or archived by Wrtik for any reason.
  • We appreciate you informing us of any suspected abuse, misrepresentation, unauthorized use, infringement, or non-compliance so that we can handle it appropriately.

(3)Use License

For the sole purpose of temporary personal, non-commercial viewing, we hereby permit our Users to download one copy of the Content and Materials (as previously specified) from the Wrtik App.

This is a license grant, not a title transfer, and the terms of this license prohibit the following.

  • Use the Content and Materials for any commercial purpose or for any public exhibition (commercial or non-commercial);
  • Alter, alter, distribute, or copy the Materials;
  • Remove any copyright and other property notices from the content and materials.
  • Transfer the content and materials to another person or "mirror" them on another server.


We support Users' legitimate rights to credit and integrity in their works and contents, and we collaborate with them to defend those rights.

The purpose of the Content and Materials on the Wrtik App is to support the interests of the Users who are the rightful creators or owners.

With regard to implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other rights, Wrtik makes no guarantees, either express or implied, and thus disclaims and cancels any other warranties.

Additionally, Wrtik disclaims any warranties and representations with regard to the completeness, accuracy, and dependability of the use of the content and materials on this website and in any other publications, services, or websites connected to this one.


We operate the Wrtik App in accordance with our established standards to guarantee that the privacy of personal information, including that of our Users, is secured and preserved without disclosure to any third parties for any reason.

Accuracy of Content and Materials

Technical, typographical, or photographic errors might emerge in the content and materials in the Wrtik app.

Wrtik disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, and currentness of the Content and Materials.

The Content and Materials on Wrtik's website are subject to change at any moment without prior notice.

Any websites that are connected to Wrtik's website and their contents are not under the control of Wrtik.

Any link does not indicate sponsorship by Wrtik of the site just because it is included.

Users do so at their own risk while visiting any such linked website.

Terms of Use - Modifications

These conditions of use for Wrtik are subject to change at any moment without prior notice.

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