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Copy TikTok Video URL

In the Tiktok App, check the right side of the screen, and you will find the "Share" button. Click it and select "Copy Link."

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Paste and Download

Visit Wrtik.com and Paste the Tiktok Video URL into the box. And click the "Download" button on the right.

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Download TikTok MP3

Select Tiktok Mp3 Format to Download Tiktok video in MP3 360Kbps Format.

How to Use Wrtik Tiktok to Mp3 Downloader to TikTok MP3 Download

Wrtik proudly brings you the best and fastest Tiktok to Mp3 converter to download TikTok Mp3 online (Musically) within a few seconds. Do you need to download your favorite Tiktok mp3 clip to make it to your alarm or ringtone? Or to edit or use it for any other uses? Our Tiktok to Mp3 converter will do the job for you within a few clicks.

Step 1

Find the Tiktok video you need to download in Mp3/Audio format. Open the Tiktok App or Web and go to the TikTok video you wish to download.

Step 2

Copy the Link Find the "Share" button and click on "Copy Link". Now your Tiktok video URL is copied.

Step 3

Download Visit Wrtik.com, Paste the URL into the box and click "Download" to Save Tiktok Video in Mp3.

FAQ on TikTok to MP3 Downloader

  • Is Wrtik Tiktok to MP3 Downloader service free?

    Yes! Wrtik.com is entirely free, forever. No Signups. No registrations. No verifications. Free

  • How to Download Tiktok to Mp3? Online

    Copy the URL of the Tiktok Video you need to download as Mp3. Visit Wrtik.com --> Paste the URL --> Download Mp3.

  • Where is the MP3 saved after downloading?

    Most of the time, files you download are saved in the default place you have chosen. The Downloads folder on your device is where it saves downloaded files most of the time. However, this might vary from device to device, and you may have changed the download save folder location. If you have problems finding the Mp3, go to your browser's options and locate the default download location.

  • Why is the Save Tiktok Audio quality low?

    We don't change the original Audio quality of the source. You get the same resolution and quality as the source you provide. If the audio is 360Kbps, the Saved Tiktok Mp4 is also 360Kbps.

  • What happens to the copyright after I download the Mp3?

    Whether you download the Mp3 from the Tiktok Video, the original content ownership is owned by the respective owner. Wrtik.com is not affiliated with TikTok, Douyin, or Bytedance. Please refer to our "DMCA Policy" statement to learn more about the intellectual property rights of videos you download.

  • How to get the Tiktok Video URL?

    Go to the Tiktok website and find the Tiktok video you need to download. Find the Share (right curved arrow) button on the screen and select 🔗Copy Link.

  • Can I download Tiktok sounds or audio on my Android or iOS ?

    Yes, you can download Tiktok sounds or audio on your Android or iOS device as long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

  • Can you see who saved your Tiktok Video?

    No! In 2023, Still there is no way for content creators to see who saved their videos on Tiktok.

  • How to Download a Tiktok Video that can't be saved?

    You can use a third-party Tiktok Video Downloader like Wrtik.com to download a Tiktok Video that can't be saved. Find the Tiktok video you need to download, Copy Video URL, Visit Wrtik.com, Paste the Tiktok Video URL and you can download the Audio.